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BSE SENSEX, also known as the S&P BSE SENSEX or simply the SENSEX, is a stock market index representing the performance of the 30 largest, most well-established, and financially sound companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India. The index is designed to reflect the overall market sentiment and provide investors with a benchmark for gauging the performance of Indian equities.

Created in 1986, the SENSEX is considered the most widely followed equity index in India. It is a free-float market capitalization-weighted index, which means the weights of individual companies in the index are determined by their market capitalization, adjusted for the free-float of shares available for trading. In this context, "free-float" refers to the number of shares that are readily available for trading, excluding promoter-held shares, government-held shares, and other strategic holdings.

The SENSEX is a barometer of the Indian economy and serves as a reference point for domestic and international investors, financial institutions, and fund managers. It is regularly updated, and the constituent companies may change periodically based on market capitalization, liquidity, and other selection criteria.