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Stock Exchange Tips and Tricks

Is There a Pre-Opening Session on the NSE Stock Exchange?

Learn about Pre-Opening Calls and how to trade them on the NSE Stock Exchange. We assist trade calls for today in maximizing their profits from our NSE opening calls. Get Top advice on the Indian stock market, Best stocks for intraday trading tomorrow trading market and also get expert views from our intraday tips experts.

Before the NSE share market opens, our Technical Stock Advisory Team gives two research scrips based on technical analysis as pre-opening calls. You should keep a close eye on this stock during the pre-market session and for a few minutes after the market opens for normal trading. Pre-opening call is for online traders only, not for those who do not follow the stock market on a regular basis. Read this page to learn more about our Pre-Opening Call and how to profit from trading opening calls on the NSE. If you are an online intraday trader, we can assist you in making money by using our NSE stock market pre-opening calls.

The Pre-open session is a special 15-minute period before the market opens. (9 a.m. to 9 a.m.) The Order collection and order matching periods make up the Pre-open session. The pre-open session is a new method of determining the best scrip opening price for the current trading session. The session's goal is to reduce volatility at the start of the day. For the first few minutes of this session, an exchange will collect orders under this new arrangement.

Indian Stock Market Intraday Calls

What is an NSE Stock Market Pre-Opening Call?

Tips usually provide two opening stocks as our Best Pre-Opening Calls via SMS before the stock market opens. During this pre-opening call, we will also provide you with Buy/Sell recommendations. You must place these two stocks on your monitor's trading screen. (Stock to Watch - Top Stocks), and you'll need to keep an eye on their movement.

You should buy these stocks in qty's and sell on every rise in small, small qty's as soon as the stocks begin to move up, at any time during the day. If the stock falls in price, sell all of the qty you bought for intraday trading. If the same stock begins to rise again, use the same strategy as before. You can trade as many times as you want throughout the day and still make a profit.

It is not necessary for stocks to rise only in the morning or when the market opens. If our pre-opening call opens lower than expected and continues to fall, don't buy those stocks at that time. Only buy when the stock begins to rise from any level. Our pre-opening call can be made at any time between 09.15 AM and 03:30 PM during market hours.

We recommend that only online traders participate in this pre-opening call. Offline traders or traders who trade with their brokers over the phone should avoid participating in our opening call as it can be risky.

Intraday Sure Shot Calls

A sample of our pre-opening call can be found here.

We send Pre-Opening Calls by SMS and Android Notifications before the market opens for trading, usually between 08:45 A.M. and 09:00 A.M.

When the market opens for trading, we recommend that you keep both the stock and the trend on your trading screen. We recommended buying HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK in the opening call. If you see an uptrend in any of the stocks, such as HDFCBANK, you can buy the stock. You only need to set the target and stop loss for HDFCBANK. When the stock reaches the targets, you are advised to book profits. You can trade as many times as you want, for example, whenever you see a stock moving up in price, you can trade in that stock and earn money.

Please keep in mind that, according to our research, the stock could rise 3-5 percent or even more during the day. However, you must only accept positions if they are moving up. It's also possible that the stock will correct by 1-2 percent before beginning to rise. You should buy the stock once it starts moving up from any level and book profits at higher levels.

Calls For Intraday Trading

Our Opening Call's Highlights.
  • Every market day, before the market opens, we send two stocks in our Pre Opening call.
  • Our Pre-Opening call is accurate to the tune of 85% to 90%.
  • We will only provide the names of the two stocks in our opening call, and we will never mention the quantity to trade. For this call, we will not provide Targets or Stop Losses. Clients can trade according to their risk tolerance.
  • We will not send an email or make a phone call to follow up on this call.
  • This call is only for risky intraday traders with a lot of spare cash who are willing to take a chance.

Stock Market Intraday Calls

Pre-Opening Call Short Sell Strategy
  • Short Only when the stock begins to fall in value will it begin to fall.
  • When the stock is rising, it is not a good idea to short it.
  • Short selling should be avoided if the market is in a bullish trend.
  • Before you close the market, remember to square up your position.
  • Shorting in a negative trend is only recommended by professional traders.
  • If we recommended a short sale in our pre-opening call, you must use the identical approach but in the other direction. Short sell the stock while it is falling in price and then begin purchasing later; do not short sell in a bull market.

Pre Opening Call Short Sell